Rising from the Ashes

My journey to Cape Town has been quite of an eye opener as an artist seeking to better himself by understanding the world around and responding to what life throws at him. The blessing in disguise of the burning of my studio destroying everything including my works, and a month later my car accident, then the immerse drinking habit and of course what’s happening in the world right now. These provoked me to raise a bar and introduced me to the next level of self-control and creating using the state of my mind. I started to learn to work with what the world is throwing at me physically and spiritually. I have managed to collect all the remaining’s of my burned works along with ashes to create a new body of works.

“I have been hiding behind my art, instead of allowing it to heal and guide me. I can’t wait to share visually what I have been feeling lately”.

I choose to look at my journey through what I’m experiencing in the present moment. The body of works explores 3 different series of that seeks to understand the state of mind that I’m immersed in while sparking curiosity about what other people are going through and how are they dealing with it. This journey invites true to self-communication for the next step/s of our daily lives.

Series 1

“Makuded Ubumnyama” (When the darkness cease)

Series 2

State of my mind

Series 3

I refuse to become…

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